About Inside Cambodia

Som Samakom!
Welcome to Inside Cambodia… a photo-blog that shows the everyday life in the Kingdom.

I created this blog on my fifth year in Cambodia… five years of working in a land which seems so similar to my homeland, and yet so different… I thought of posting pictures that I accumulated from my work/travels in and around the country.

Despite the wars and political conflicts that ravaged the country, I aim to showcase the beautiful, hopeful, and unyielding face of Cambodia.  Eleven years later in this beautiful Kingdom, I’m still here (with a renewed goal of posting one picture a day) and have been a witness to the vast transformation that is happening in the country. Some for the better. Others, well, I’m not sure.

I am not a professional photographer. I just happen to carry a camera all the time and love to take pictures of things that catch my fancy — faces, places and other things ordinary,  when viewed from my trusty  camera lens, but actually, turning out surprisingly quite extraordinary when posted in the blog. I hope that with the pictures, you will see what’s truly inside Cambodia, the country that has been my home for more than a decade…

You may leave comments if you like, criticize the pictures if you like, but please, all I ask is respect, decency and common courtesty when doing so.



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