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APAD 166: Altar

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In 2007, my husband and I went on an exploration trip of the Kampong Trach mountains in Kampong Trach district of Kampot. The moment we entered the pagoda, we were greeted by the locals and ushered us to this altar/shrine inside the cave:

altar inside Kampong Trach cave

It was very dark but cool inside and we noticed interesting rock formations there. Just before the cave’s exit is this altar and statues of a meditating Buddha sitting on top of a seven-headed water serpent called naga.

Monday Mellow Yellows

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APAD 359: The secrets of Kampong Trach

Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in A Photo a Day, Addicted to Meme, sights, That's My World, What's On in Cambodia | 3 comments

Some three years ago my husband and I embarked on a 700km-roadtrip southeast of Cambodia. Along the way we came across this beautiful place that, at that time, were “undergoing development”.

This is Kampong Trach Resort.  It has several limestone mountains  that contain caves that are worthy of a visit.

The limestone caves of Kampong Trach contain Buddhist shrines as well as unique rock formations.

There are interesting rock formations as well as shrines in the caves.
Here are more pictures of what’s inside the Kampong Trach resort.

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