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APAD 255: Sentry

Posted by on Feb 10, 2012 in A Photo a Day, Addicted to Meme, All things Khmer, Cambodia, sights, That's My World, travel | 3 comments

A  stone statue of the mythical solar lion is silhouetted against the sky at dusk. Photo taken at the Angkor Wat complex in Siem Reap province,  Cambodia.

There are no lions in Southeast Asia but in Cambodia and Thailand, the mythical solar lion is a common fixture. In Cambodia they are found in Khmer temples and monuments, usually at the entrance gates. They stand guard together with the lunar mythical animal, the seven-headed nagas or serpents.

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APAD 207: The Royal Gendarmerie of Kampot

Posted by on Nov 24, 2011 in A Photo a Day, Addicted to Meme, All things Khmer, Cambodia, Cambodia life | 12 comments

This is one of the notable landmarks as we enter the province of Kampot – the provincial headquarters of the Royal Gendarmerie of Cambodia, or the Military Police, one of the branches of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces. The mighty Garuda, as you can see, is holding up what could be a symbolic key (or something to that effect) with the logo and words in Khmer and French translation at the bottom. Please excuse the low quality picture, it was shot using a mobile phone camera and on a moving vehicle.

Gendarmerie Royale de la Provence Kampot
Royal Gendarmerie of Kampot Province

Garudas are mythical creatures found at the stone carvings in the Angkor temples. This clearly shows the influence and importance of Hinduism in Cambodia brought by the Hindu traders long time ago. The Garuda is one of the most unique creatures in Hindu mythology. It is a creature comprised with a head, wings and talons of an eagle with a man’s body. One of the three principle animal deities in Hindu mythology, the Garuda is the king of the birds and enemy of the serpent. (Source)

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