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Three weeks ago I went with Boss Pogi and the special advisor to inspect village hubs in our pilot area in Prey Veng. On our way back to Phnom Penh, we were waiting to cross the ferry at Neak Loung when this tiny girl tapped our car’s window. She was selling boiled eggs. As the group had just taken quite a full lunch, we declined her offer. She didn’t leave at once, she just stood there and stared back at us hoping to make a sale.

Moments later, my attention was caught by a pile of fried black birds and bugs, a delicacy here. Naturally I wanted to take a photo but the girl was still standing by the window blocking my view. Thinking she would shy away from the camera, I aimed my camera at her.

She didn’t.
She asked for one thousand riels (25cents) instead.
Aba, marunong!

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