>Photo Hunt #7 Long – Elongated shadows

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>our shadow copy

Hi. I am currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and will be here for 8 days to attend a series of workshop organized by IDRC as well as participate in the Global Knowledge conference. Luckily, there is free internet in the hotel where I am staying so I was able to post this week’s photo hunt entry even if it’s a little,err, late.

This photo was taken in Kep town, Cambodia in September 2006, while my husband and I were walking up to our hillside guesthouse. It was nearly 5pm and the sun was minutes away from setting. While we were walking, I noticed our shadows. The sun was behind us that our shadows were elongated, making us look taller and skinnier. I have been fascinated by shadows since I was little and loved the times I spent playing and stomping on shadows with my playmates. Ahh those were the times 🙂

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