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Hi friends, I know I am late in posting my photo hunt entry for this week, so I apologise. Anyways, whenever I hear the word delicious, there is no denying that food is the first thing that comes to my mind! And in Cambodia there is no shortage of yummy food. Khmer cuisine, though unique on its own, is almost always likened to Thai food but without the spiciness. So this is my take for this week’s photo hunt theme – delicious food!

Last year, I was assigned to work in the coastal town of Kep for several months. Kep is about 170kms from the capital of Phnom Penh and about 50kms from the Vietnam border. Kep is surrounded by the Gulf of Thailand and a large number of fishing boats venture out at night to catch fish and squid in the sea, and we eat the very same seafood in the local restaurant the next day –

kep favorites copy

Above are our favorites (me and my husband)- mok chaa mareth kchhay (fried squid with pepper) and bangkea chaa mareth kchhay (fried prawn with pepper). So whenever you are in Cambodia, plan a visit to Kep and head towards the crab market. Find Kim Ly’s restaurant, they serve the best bangkea and mok chaa mareth in the whole of Kep!

And for those with adventurous taste buds, head to the Psah Thmey (Central Market) in Phnom Penh for a more exotic offering. Stir-fried bugs, anyone?

bugs copy

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