>Wordless Wednesday #25 – Nepali beauty

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>nepali woman

My entry for this week is about beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find this woman to be beautiful despite the lines on her face. In Nepal, especially amongst the many hilltribes, women has the most work at home and in the field. This old woman, whose face is hardened by hard work and, perhaps, hard life because of the raging conflicts, still remains hopeful for her country’s future. Nowadays, more and more women organizations have been mobilizing and building the capacity of women in the grassroots so that they could contribute towards peace building and reconciliation in Nepal.

I’m posting my entry, for the Tuesday-Wednesday edition of Wordless Wednesday, this early because I’ll be out-of-town again for our project meeting. Please check out other entries at the Wordless Wednesday HQ.

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