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Hi guys. I am finally back again, and this time I am posting my entry for this week’s Photo Hunt. This week’s theme is “wooden”. It reminds me of the song “Wooden Heart” by the Bizarre Love Triangle in the 90s, if I am not mistaken.

But I digress now. Here is my take for this week’s theme:

The wooden cells of Tuol Sleng Prison:

narrow aisle ed

narrow aisle 2ed

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum used to be a high school in the 70s but was transformed into the infamous prison and interrogation center called the Security Prison 21, or S-21, during the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. Classrooms were divided and made into crude prison cells (see above photo). Survivors of S-21 describe the horrors that they and countless others had suffered while in prison. Today, these wooden cells still bear signs of cruelty and torture; it stand as witness to the many atrocities committed by the Khmer Rouge. In my 8 years here in Cambodia, I have visited it twice, and that’s because my friends were here and I had to take them around. Visiting Tuol Sleng is not for the faint-hearted. Those who were brave enough to visit left with a heavy heart.

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