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>Photo Hunt #17: I Spy

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Okay, I am posting my Photo Hunt entry this early to make up for last week. I was meaning to post one but somehow got lost amidst the weekend frenzy, plus I have friends visiting. This week’s theme, I have to say, is one of Photo Hunt’s most challenging themes. One of the PH participants suggested this theme for us participants to shoot a picture of something hidden for the viewer to find. So here’s my take:

bayon images

Go get your spyglasses or magnifying lenses and explore the picture a la Lara Croft of the movie, the Tomb Raider. Tell me what you can see in this picture. Can you make anything of it? Click the picture and select large size for your viewing pleasure 😀

I will post on Monday a close up of one of the spires.
Till then, ta-ta. Happy hunting, and have a great weekend!


The photo above is of the Bayon Temple, one of the popular temples inside the Angkor Wat complex. It was built in the late 12th century or early 13th century as the official state temple of the Mahayana Buddhist King Jayavarman VII. The Bayon stands at the centre of Jayavarman’s capital, Angkor Thom. From afar, as you can see in the photo above, it looks nothing but stones jutting out to the sky.

bayon close up3
Click here for a larger view.

But up close, one is mesmerized by the mysticism and the enigmatic expression surrounding the images. Angkor scholars said that that the images have an uncanny resemblance to the King Jayavarman VII.

bayon close up

For those who might want to know more on the temples of Bayon, here’s a good starting point.

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