>Photo Hunt #23 – Myself

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ta prohm
Ta Prohm Temple
Siem Reap, Cambodia

My first visit to Angkor Wat was unforgettable. It was when going to the great land of Angkor Wat, and walking the same path as the ancient Khmers who lived thousands of years ago; seeing the crumbling ruins, some still hidden in the midst of the jungle – unleashed the Indiana Jones in me.

Above is a photo of me at Ta Prohm temple. It is an eerie sight – rubble all over the place with overgrown trees and tangles of tree roots that seem to grab at unsuspecting tourists (see pic) and give it an almost supernatural feel. I got so carried away most of the time, hopping from one pile of rubble to another, that I forgot I was with someone (my husband), and that I was just one of those millions of excited, camera-toting tourists who visit Siem Reap every year.

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