>Sisowath Quay, Phnom Penh

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This is how the riverside looks like early Sunday morning. It was very quiet – a far cry from the usual hustle-bustle at the riverside during regular hours of the day. There were few people walking about and less vehicles plying the whole stretch of Sisowath Quay. I shot this from the FCC (Foreign Correspondent’s Club) restaurant while my husband and I were having breakfast there (food was a disappointment, price too expensive!). If not for the messy wires, the view would have been perfect.

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  1. >IS this a touristy place? It wld b nice to live by the river with such a view.

  2. >Yes, this is the mecca of tourists in Phnom Penh. Sisowath Quay is lined with various cheap hotes and guesthouses, restaurants, pubs and bars and it’s very much alive at night!

  3. >Oh how nice. I wish it was warm enough to go for a walk here! It’s 19 degrees. Burrr.

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