>Sunday Scenery #002: Sunset in Kep

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Today’s Sunday Scenery entry is also the first photo to start my project 365 – one photo a day.

More than two years ago, I left the comforts of Phnom Penh for a work assignment down south of Cambodia – to the coastal town of Kep. Our organization had no office there yet so I had to use the same guesthouse room (where I live) as my office. There was no electricity yet – generator operates only at night – and so I travel to our project areas by day and do the paperworks at night. Each working day I was absolutely knackered from the bone-crunching moto-ride visiting remote villages. But when I go home, all the exhaustion simply vanished because of this:

view from Kep work office

View from my room at the guesthouse. The larger island in the background is known as Phu Quoc, which is already part of Vietnam. The tiny island, on the other hand, belongs to Cambodia and we fondly call it the population one island. How did it get its name? It’s because there is only one person inhabiting the island and it’s a policeman guarding the territory.

Further down the hill from the guest-house, is Psah Khdam (crab market) where we usually get our meals in one of the restaurants there. It’s got the perfect location where we were also treated to a fantastic view of the sunset over the Gulf of Thailand.

SS 002 Sunset in Kep

Don’t you just love the soft pink tone in the photographs? I have to say that Kep has, arguably, the most beautiful sunset in all of Cambodia!

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  1. >Your lower picture is perfection.

  2. >These images are breathtaking! I love the colors and the peaceful mood in them. And thank you for the information on the area. This is what Sunday Scenery is all about! Thanks for participating.

  3. >What beautiful photos. I love the colors. Amazing. Mine is up over at Flo’s Place

  4. >Love these shots. Beatiful Smiles B

  5. >These sunsets are just beautiful. I particularly like the second one. My image is up here: Sunday Scenery

  6. >Thank you all for dropping by. Thanks, Tarheel Rambler, for inviting me in and I hope to join regularly 🙂

  7. >The second one is a wonderful picture. The kind you see on posters to put on the wall.

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