>Sunday Scenery #005: Another day at the market

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This is Psah Thmey, or Central Market, located at the heart of downtown Phnom Penh. It is one of the liveliest markets, the main shopping center and the number one tourist hot spot in Phnom Penh. Built in French art-style deco, the market is shaped like a dome with four wings, divided into stalls packed with all sorts of stuffs!

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  1. >A really fine roof. Quite a scene.

  2. >Well crafted roof and I did not think this could be housing a market while the photo is trying to load.

  3. >A very interesting building structure and a lovely lively market. The produce looks delicious too. Would be nice to see the whole building from the outside too.

  4. >Hi! I’ma an italian blogger and I came across your blog while google-ing “Wordless Wednesday”… Glad to meet you and your beautiful blog!This is a very nice shot! I especially like the light and the lively attitude of the people. It looks very much like a southern italian marketplace… :o)

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