>Mellow Yellow Monday 001: Village gas-station

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This is my first time to participate in Mellow Yellow Monday.


Photo shows the yellow container full of gasoline. An improvised pump is used to siphon the gas out and onto the car’s tank. This mini-refill gas station is a common sight especially in rural Cambodia. The gasoline comes from the Vietnamese border, unrefined, thus cheaper than the ones sold in gasoline stations. This was even featured in the previous season’s Amazing Race in their Cambodia leg and the contestants find the task very challenging. It was fun to watch them sweat it out, filling their chosen trucks with gasoline all by themselves, while the locals watch them amusingly!

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  1. >What a fascinating post! And yes! That can is certaibnly a bright yellow!

  2. >I remember that challenge from The Amazing Race. You must have found that particularly amusing! (Thanks for the explanation) Good choice for your first MYM.

  3. >A filling station ! Looks so different from those in Europe :)Greetings from Finland !

  4. >This is a very nice post, I can understand, the ame things also happen here in our place.

  5. >Very interesting look into your mellow yellow part of the world. Thanks for sharing this and enjoy the day…

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