>Sunday Scenery 005: Woman-power

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Imagine riding a motorbike under 40C heat, on a dusty and bumpy dirt road, with all these stuffs packed around you… would you do it? Apparently this super woman can! She goes around village by village everyday, hawking her goods. The money she earns go to food and other needs of her family.

A lot of women are leaving their homes and children to work and help their parents and husbands bring in money for the family. Recently, the Ministry of Women’s Affairs released the Cambodia Gender Assessment (CGA) report where it was found out that Cambodia‚Äôs female labour force participation rate is high by regional standards, at 71 percent of the working age population over 15 years of age.What this means is that a large portion of the women population are contributing to the economy but, according to an interview with the Minister of Women’s Affairs Dr. Kantha Pavi, this contribution is mainly from the informal sector. There is still a lot to be done to raise the numbers of women in the formal employment and decision-making institutions. The government is focusing mainly on access to education and health services. Let’s hope for a brighter future for the Khmer women.

Happy Women’s Day to everyone.

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  1. >Well said.

  2. >Very well said! Any idea what it is that she’s hawking? They almost look like ice creams of a different shape though I’m sure that’s not it at all!

  3. >An excellent post on this day and very well captured too. She really is a super woman. I don’t think I could manage that. I whish you a belated happy woman’s day and I’m sure in time it will go in the right direction for your women too and some bright sparks will raise their head among the male dominated industries and carreers.

  4. >Have just had a good look around the rest of your posts – very interesting!

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