>Sunday Scenery 006: Balloon-power

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Driving along on an almost empty road one Saturday afternoon, my husband and I were amused to see this moto ahead of us. Just a few meters away from the French Embassy was this giant balloon, almost obscuring the moto-dup (moto-taxi) from the view. My husband and I chuckled at the odd sight before us and it made us think that the huge balloon was providing energy/power for the moto-dup to run. Alternative energy? Hah. Only in Phnom Penh!

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  1. >Perhaps he was trying to take the weight off his wheels.

  2. >Neat! I have seen nothing like this! I had to chuckle at this!Mountain Retreat Photography

  3. >Love the photo. Too funny. Visited Cambodia a few years ago. Enjoyed it. I don’t use blogger so you can ind me here: Enduring Wanderlust

  4. >This is a wonderful street scene. I almost expect to see him floating off into the clouds.

  5. >I love it!! People do the strangest things :)Mine is up over at Flo’s Place

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