>Mellow Yellow 005: French colonial buildings

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>refurbished French style building

After weeks of being busy with the conference, I am slowly creeping back into the blogosphere through this week’s Mellow Yellow Monday entry.

One of the things I like about Phnom Penh is the mix of traditional Khmer and French colonial architecture, such as the one above, that are remnants of Phnom Penh’s heydays. This particular building, located along the busy riverside strip, is one of the lucky ones that survive the civil wars and are being refurbished and rented out. Others were simply torn down to make way for modern (but ugly) buildings. I hope people will realise that these colonial buildings ought to be preserved, and not obliterated, as these are reminders of the old-world charm of Phnom Penh’s colonial past.

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  1. >It's beautiful building. love the architecture!http://cookandbaking.com

  2. >Nice and bright photo, I love the shutters-very attractive building. Thanks for sharing:)

  3. >It looks like sunshine, beautiful yellow building!

  4. >Behind the white doorsold colonials sip teaon warm afternoons.My Mellow Yellow

  5. >That is a beautiful building! It's such a lovely yellow and the little big of blue sky compliments it! Beautiful capture.

  6. >love that building! so shining!u may view mine here

  7. >Lovely!

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