APAD 064: Electricite du Cambodge

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The Electricite du Cambodge sign is an attention-grabber. 
I took this while inside a moving car but here’s a closer look at that sign:
Photo nicked from: Departures-and-Arrivals site. Click the link.
Apsaras are celestial dancers in Buddhist folklore. Images of apsaras are carved in the ancient temples of Khmer, particularly in Angkor Wat. Why are they in the company logo of an electric company, that I do not have any idea.

More on Apsaras at Wikipedia and at Devata.org site.

For more signs around the world, check out the main site by clicking the logo below.
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  1. right on.i did wonder about that when i saw it. and its all the more attention grabbing at night. =)

  2. It does seem an odd choice. But I like it anyway.

  3. That's a fascinating sign. It does seem strange to have a large dancer on a company sign.

  4. It does look pretty!

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