APAD 066: Missing piecesof Cambodia’s national treasures

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This is one of the lesser-known temples inside the Angkor Wat complex. I forgot the name of this particular temple, but as you can see, it is still intact save for  a few missing pieces.

A closer look at the picture reveals the missing heads of the statues at the entrance. Like the other temples, this one wasn’t spared by the looters. The heads are probably displayed thousands of miles away from Cambodia, in a posh gallery or museum. I won’t discuss anymore how it reached the other side of the world. Despite the many efforts against looting inside the temples, looting still go on, apparently.

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  1. yes, the first thing I noticed was the missing heads of the statues. looting such a marvelous temple is a travesty. I'm happy that you've captured it for us all to see. the detail of this architecture is amazing.

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