Above are the round and raised lotus blossoms but my Khmer friends call them seed “heads”. *Pods would have been the right word* The lotus seeds are inside and, yes, they are edible.

Lotus flowers not only adorn the altars of Khmer temples and shrines, they are also served in dishes at dinner tables. Lotus flowers are beautiful and trigger feelings of happiness and calm and they are also prized ingredients in Khmer cuisine. As a matter of fact, most of the lotus parts are edible, including the roots. They are often served as salads or an ingredient in Khmer soups and stir-fry dishes. Some adventurous cooks have incorporated lotus seeds in other dishes and baked products nowadays.

But today, it’s all about the seeds.

An average blossom has about 20-30 lotus seeds, above. They are green (when unripe) and rubbery, about the size of peanuts, edible and eaten like nuts. You can easily dig the seeds with your fingers when they are ripe.

Cambodians love to eat them fresh as snack when they are ripe. They pop it into their mouths like pop corns!

This is to show you what’s inside the seed. I sampled the fresh seeds and I couldn’t say I like or dislike it. It tasted like raw peanuts though, in case you want to know.

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  1. I wish I could taste one. Very informative.

  2. This is a great post. Raw peanuts? Very interesting.

  3. This was really neat. I'm glad you shared it. Thanks!

  4. That was interesting; I certainly learned some things today! I've never seen inside of one, either. Thank you for sharing, and Happy WW!

  5. I've always wondered about Lotus seeds – I didn't realize they were that big and edible raw! Very cool! 🙂WW: Curriculum Fair Fun with YoYo's

  6. Very interesting! I'd like to try some! Thanks for sharing.

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