APAD 075: (Boiled) Egg-vendor

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A ten-year old girl sells boiled eggs at the Neak Loung ferry station.
Back when I used to work with IDRC’s iREACH Project, I regularly visited one of our project sites in Prey Veng Province. To go there, I took a local taxi – usually an old Toyota camry – and takes about three hours or so. Halfway-point is Neak Loung, separated by only a 15minute ferry ride across the Mekong river to the main land of Prey Veng.
Every day, hundreds of taxis and buses arrive at Neak Loung, and they are always greeted by a swarm of vendors, old and young alike. They sell canned sodas, packed lunches, BBQed pork/chicken, candies, bottled water, boiled eggs, and a host of others.

Most girls (the age of the girl above) are not in school because they are tasked of helping their parents earn additional income for the family. The boys, however, are given priority in education simply due to cultural values, while the girls are kept at  home to help in the housework, looking after siblings, or, in this case, earn money for the family. Most parents here think that girls are going to get married and leave home anyway.

Sad, but true. This happens everywhere in the world, especially in third world countries.

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  1. It's sobering how different things are in other areas, particularly the third world, isn't it? That girl is adorable – I'd buy eggs from her! 🙂WW: Dinosaur & Dragon Conga Drama

  2. Worked it out – got a bit lost on your new layout – which certainly does show how Cambodia is a land of disconcerting contrasts.Lucy

  3. I'm in love with this photo.

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