This is Phnom Penh’s Monivong Boulevard. Picture taken a little after 12noon.
Monivong Boulevard is one of the main thoroughfares and crosses the city from north to south, beginning from the Japanese Bridge where the knotted gun monument is located and ending in Monivong Bridge.

Named after the King Monivong of Cambodia, Monivong Boulevard is also known as Street 93 to old-timers. Since this picture was taken a little after lunchtime there was visibly less traffic. Typically, Monivong is a busy street teeming with lots of photo-perfect sights for those who have the eye and quick impulse to grab a camera and shoot.

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  1. it was siesta time, what were you doing outside aside from taking photos?:p this looks like one of the streets in Manila.

    • yeah… it seem so. i thought to the first time i stood upon Cambodian soil yet it was completely different! And I found that feeling so amazing!!! ^_^

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