APAD 137: District government office

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Sign reads: Damnak Chang’eur District Office
The smaller sign: Cultural Commission of Khan (district) Damnak Chang’eur

Back in 2006, I arrived in the rural town of Kep town, about 200kms southeast of the capital,  to initiate contact with the district and commune officials in Damnak Chang’eur district. It meant visiting the district, commune, and village officials in their respective offices, gathering information and permission needed to establish a rural ICT project.
The building behind the sign became my office as the district governor of Damnak Chang’eur provided two rooms for our project (right side of the photo). It was renovated, furnished with the necessary office furniture and equipments, and was connected to the Internet. It has become the meeting venue for most of our important assemblies and trainings. More rooms were provided for our project which we made into telecentre of sorts open to the residents of Damnak Chang’eur district. It has several computer sets with Internet connection (free access to villagers), with VoIP capability for villagers to contact relatives in Phnom Penh and other parts of the country,  and especially those outside. Students were given free computer and Internet trainings on weekends, too.
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  1. It looks like a rural setting and not an urban one. I like the writing, very exotic.Ewok

  2. thanks for sharing the info about your job, etc. the building is very well-kept and has lovely colors. great sign too!

  3. It was interesting to read a little about your job in Cambodia. I would think it was very fortunate to have been given two rooms for your exclusiv euse!As for the sign, the blue one, while important, does not fit the landscape 😉

  4. Very interesting to learn about Cambodia. How many decades that this place can't be reach by anybody. Thanks for sharing!

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