But what are you exactly?

Is that a suction cup on you, dear bug?

It’s amazing what kind of insects you encounter when you are outside Phnom Penh.
I was invited by Aziza’s Place to join in their field trip in Sre Ampil, in Kandal, less than an hour away from Phnom Penh. We went to this small but beautiful farm for a day of fun, fishing, crabbing, and simply just exploring the green fields.  It is there when we were exploring when this tiny gold bug flew in front of me and got caught by my husband.

I don’t exactly like bugs  but this one was different so I took a photo of it.  How can you not like this beauty? It is so tiny, like a teardrop with a suction cup-like shell. It looks like a hard hat but it feels like a baby’s fingernail. It didn’t take long before it opened its shell – in the centre – and flew away.  Amazing. That’s the first time I have seen anything like that.  Google tells me it’s called a Golden Tortoise beetle.


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  1. I am not a bug person either, but this one is very intriguing!

  2. At a first glance I thought it’s your nail extension hehehe.. Nice catch!

    My Mellow Yellow, please take a peek. Thanks!

  3. cute bug, amazing shot, thank you for sharing 🙂 visiting from MYM, hope you can visit my entry here too


    Have a great day,

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