In my previous posts, I posted a photo showing the flooded ricefield in one Cambodian province. Apparently, there are areas where the water has subsided a bit. But look at what the rains did to the only only road that links this village to the next.

While the rainy season provides  the much-need water for irrigation of crops and  domestic consumption, too much of rain also is a bane to farmers, drowning their crops and other sources of livelihood.  Such is the life of farmers and villagers in rural areas. While I’m writing this, the sky is getting darker and I can see the rain clouds hovering. Looks like it is going to be a wet, wet afternoon again.



This is my entry to this week’s Our World Tuesday. Click on the logo for more pictures of our world.

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  1. We all need water…but we do not need too much water. What a problem. I feel for these farmers. I know getting about on that road is difficult. You captured the feeling of the time beautifully. This capture emotes a lot of feeling from the viewer. genie

  2. Hi there – It never rains but it pours. We had ten years of drought. Then two years of floods! What a world.

    Stewart M – Australia

  3. This is the eternal problem for farmers! Weather is extremely important for them! This a fragile population. And people need them so much! I hope it didn’t rain to much still!

  4. we’re getting too much water here, too…i feel for the farmers—all their hard work drowned in flood.

  5. That is nothing compared to the experience of our farmers here now because of flooding. Even 2 story houses were sanked by the flood. After 2 weeks the rice fields still use boats for transport, and it now looks like oceans of brown water.

    • Andrea, this is not a contest. Both the Philippines and Cambodia are experiencing the worst flooding and in now way one’s situation is less worse than the others. If you look at online sites you will also see Cambodian houses submerged in water and people using boats to move around. I just chose not to show them here.

  6. I am sorry you are having too much of a good thing. Farming is a risk at the best of times. We here suffer from a lack of rain. I wish we could pool our resources and both have enough but not too much. Hope the rain decides to leave you alone for a while.

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