The signs looks, errmm, green, lol. Although the sign says Vietnamese the characters are in Khmer script. The lacklustre sign belies a great selection of Vietnamese dishes that are value for your money.  Fancy Vietnamese cuisine?

They serve the largest banh xeo (a savoury Vietnamese crepe with sprouted mung beans, ground pork with sweet-sour dipping and a favourite of mine) I’ve ever seen and the best-tasting beef with sesame. Yum!

More signs all over the world at Signs, Signs. Please do have a look.

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  1. I love Vietnamese food – mostly pho, banh mi, and spring roll + the 7 course beef dinner of course.

  2. I do like Vietnamese food. Though, I would like to go one time with someone who knows the food as I never remember which dishes are what. A good pho on a cold winter’s evening is perfectly refreshing.

  3. beautiful sign

  4. I love trying foods and dishes from other countries so would love to visit this little restaurant. Nice post. genie

  5. Yum! I just ate breakfast, but your sign and description of the food at this restaurant made me hungry again!!!

  6. Love the creative design of that sign! Beautiful flowing lines and the outline of the flower is striking!

  7. I love the way the flower flows out of the words!

  8. Vietnamese? Anytime!

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