APAD 192: Cooperation

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I saw this sign by the door of a commune training centre in Kampong Thom province in one of my visits there. If I’m not mistaken, the partnership has been on for more than 20 years now with  about 260M euros spent for programs in Cambodia.

Cambodia is a partner country for the German Development Cooperation.The priority areas of cooperation agreed between the two governments are rural development and support for the health system. Cross-cutting tasks include: fostering democracy, civil society, public administration and good governance. (Source)

More signs all over the world at Signs, Signs. Please do have a look.

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  1. Interesting sign. ^_^


  2. interesting sign.

  3. Co-operation is very good, especially between governments who can help.

  4. I guess this is like Sister Cities here in the USA and other cities in Europe. Very interesting. When we work together as peoples, we can accomplish so much. When you have people NOT working together as with out government in Washington, nothing gets done, people are hurt, and the country falls apart. genie

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