Under the tree – what an awesome place to hang the hammock. This big tree provides a cool, shady nook to lounge  or take a happy nappy on your hammock especially during the hot, summer season. See the smiles on their faces?

I, for one, love slinging (or “cocooning”) inside a hammock with a good book and basking in the breezy, summer weather. Traditional Khmer restaurants overlooking rice fields or the lake sport hammocks for customers to use while eating Khmer food. There must be something about eating meals while relaxing on a hammock.

This is my entry to this week’s Our World Tuesday.Click on the logo for more pictures of our world.

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  1. Great idea to have hammocks available for dining cutomers! There should be more!

  2. I have never tried eating in my hammock, but I may have to see if I can do it without spilling everything on the ground. Looks like a beautiful spot to rest and dine. genie

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