This past weekend, my husband and I went on an impromptu road trip to the Cambodian border town of Bavet, in Svay Rieng province. Bavet is one of the several international border crossing on the Cambodian side; it’s counterpart is Moc Bai, in Tay Ninh province of Vietnam. Cambodian visas are available there.

The road to Bavet from Phnom Penh is in good condition, thanks to the road project years before. Like any other border towns in Cambodia, the streets of Bavet are lined with casinos, massage and karaoke parlours.

More signs all over the world at Signs, Signs. Please do have a look.


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  1. I like this sign. ^_^


  2. neat processing…i like the green sign with the monochrome background.

  3. I am always impressed with how wide your roads look. Casinos seem to be prevalent at most border towns, it seems!

  4. I immediately noticed the bikers…guess there are lots of them over there. They use so much less gas. I agree, the roads dues look fine. What an interesting take on the image…monochrome with a green sign. It makes the sign really pop at you. genie

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