This is one of the signs that tell you that the Cambodian-Vietnamese border is close by. My husband initially thought this shack was selling hotdogs, lol.

I read the Khmer script on top of the Vietnamese writing (I studied how to read and write long ago but can only read simple words, like the ones written on the sign). The Khmer translation for the Vietnamese phrase “hot toc” is “kak sok”, meaning, hair cut.

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  1. Good catch! I think I would have thought hot dog too.

  2. I would have thought something to do with hot food too.

  3. interesting

  4. I sure would have thought hot dog, too. This is a great sigh for your post this week. It is definitely a one-of–a-kinder. genie

  5. So many things can get lost in translation, eh?!

  6. I think i would have guessed ‘hot dog’ too! This is a wonderful example of the ‘lost in translation’ theory! Love it!

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