APAD 241: Four Legs Inn

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Attention-grabbing, isn’t it? I believe all of you will agree with me that it is so.

I have to say that after reading the name on that sign, images were running through my head, lol. The area where this sign is located used to be a red-light district not long ago. However, due to government-crackdown on brothels, the area was cleaned up and there cheap guest-houses and inns sprouted instead as replacements. Sadly, nothing changed, especially at night. The newly-built structures merely masked the “trade”.

I asked my husband to do a U-turn and go back so I could get a photo. The sign certainly piqued my interest about the advertised place;  maybe yours will be, as well. I think despite its connotation – intended, or unintended due to language differences – it is a funny sign 🙂

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  1. Worth the U-turn to get this photo! LOL

    • It was! My husband and I were chuckling the whole time 🙂

  2. that has got to be a popular place just by the name alone.


    • I’m not sure about its popularity but the name is really catchy.

  3. Good catch! Gave me a laugh too!

  4. Gave me a good chuckle!

  5. fourlegs is OK…sixlegs is questionable. LOL

    • Luna, may tama ka dyan! NGyahahahaha!

  6. I like how you blanked out the occupants of that truck cruising by…!

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