Energy drinks are commonly consumed in Cambodia. I know they’re marketed to men but they’re practically everywhere that you can see these kinds of products sold in school canteens or peddled by vendors outside the school. I was even shocked to see one kid drinking an energy drink (not this one).

I don't drink energy drinks. Do you?

Here, energy drinks have been here not long ago and people consume these drinks – man, woman, or child – like they’re regular fizzy drinks. They don’t realise that it could cause harm to their health, especially to children.

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  1. i remember one of our neighbor’s kids kept drinking the ‘sting’ energy drink coz she says it tastes like fizzy strawberry drink. and she got chinks to drink it too. thankfully, i was there to tell her just to take a sip. otherwise she would have been hyperactive the whole day.

    • Yeah, it’s the same pink-coloured energy drink that I see kids drinking here in my neighbourhood. I asked why they drink it and they said that they like the pink colour it leaves on their tongues and lips. R does not allow his students to drink any fizzy pops before coming to tut class. It makes them crazy and poor husband could not control them.

  2. Heaven only knows what chemical are dyes are in those drinks. Just the thought of it makes me ill. You know they have to be filled with sugar. The advertisers certainly made the sign big enough to be seen by one ad all. genie

  3. It is scary to see how much of these energy drinks some of these kids consume.

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