APAD 027: Yellow bitter gourd flower

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Nice to be back blogging again. I was away due to flu – the second time I was down with it this year. Oh, the misery. Thank goodness it didn’t last long and I could go back to my regular routine, including updating this blog.

I went out to our veranda this morning and was surprised to see that my lone ampalaya (bitter gourd or bitter melon) vine is now bearing flowers!

Soon, these flowers will become bitter gourds. Hopefully, they don’t wither and fall off just like the first ones.

Bitter gourds are popular in most Southeast Asian countries, China, Taiwan and India. As the name suggests, it is bitter. Very bitter and has an acquired taste. When I was younger, I wasn’t a fan and I avoided it like a plague! Fast forward to present time. I’ve grown accustomed to the bitter taste. Once cooked properly, they can be very tasty. It is packed with lots of vitamins, too, including a component that acts as insulin to help reduce blood sugar levels.

To those who haven’t seen one, this is a bitter gourd:

Source: Google Image


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  1. As you will guess, this plant is new to me. Very pretty flower – but,from your description, I doubt I would like the taste of the gourd!

  2. We call that ampalaya in the Philippines, I am not fond of it but I can it as long as it is cooked in a coconut milk with lots of chilis hehehe.

    A late visit from Mellow Yellow Monday.
    I hope that you can still drop by and comment on my Yellow Roses post.
    Thanks and have a good day.

  3. Glad you’re feeling better. Pretty flower. It looks like a buttercup. I’ve heard that eating bitter melon also fends off malaria.

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