The other week my husband and I went to Sorya Mall to look for a nice pair of jeans for him. It was a challenge as most of the available items are for the younger ones. We went to a department store and had our hopes up when we saw the sign:

But it was quickly dashed. The “man jeans” are not really for men. They’re small (in women’s sizes), short (in length) and are high-waisted.

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  1. Unusual sign! Such a strange meaning! I would never have guessed!

  2. I would have been fooled, too!

  3. Interesting, but confusing.

    and all those characters in Khmer have a nice repetition.
    Thank you for linking to signs, signs.

  4. Jeans are hard to find here in Canada too. I don’t know how stores stay in business so long with the trend of slashed jeans and low-rising and flimsy material. Where do adults find clothing?

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