APAD 036: Pretty Cambodian silk scarves

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Locally-made scarves and other products made from Cambodian silk are best-sellers in markets like Tuol Tompong. They come in gorgeous colours, patterns, and textures that appeal to a lot of tourists. Some are silky smooth while others have the roughness of a raw silk.

Cambodian silk scarves

You can find these scarves, and more souvenirs, at Tuol Tumpong market. It is also known as the Russian market.

Cambodia’s silk is amongst the best in the world and the tradition of silk production can be traced back during the great Angkorian times. However, this industry was destroyed during the long years of war, particularly during the reign of the Khmer Rouge where everything was demolished due to “cultural cleansing”. These days the silk industry is being revived and millions of dollars were pumped into this but it is still struggling due to a lot of factors.

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  1. Such colours. They dazzle the eye even at this distance!

  2. beautiful colors! i didn’t know there’s Cambodian silk. i had a client who was looking for silk scarves outside of China, they sourced in Vietnam but not sure if they found a supplier.

  3. Lovely colours. Very well done 🙂

    All the best x

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