Saw this sign outside a shop selling what look like antique wooden furniture along Sothearos Boulevard.

“Strange” and “ancient” furniture are sold here, according to this sign.

I don’t know what a “strange” furniture is. Do you? I was curious to find out but forgot to ask because my husband and I were busy looking at chairs and work tables.

I doubt it if the stuff sold there are genuine antique pieces. They are poorly made. The work table (with drawers) I was eyeing for my craft table this morning looked great on the top portion. But underneath, upon closer inspection, I noticed that the drawers were poorly joined, some nails are exposed, and there were lots of scratches.

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  1. What a rustic sign.

  2. I like that they say ‘ancient’ instead of antique! 😉 Perhaps ‘strange’ was meant to be ‘unique’ or ‘one-of-a-kind’. A great sign, nevertheless!

  3. Perhaps the ‘strange’ is that it was homemade furniture?
    And I also like the use of ‘ancient’ over ‘antique”; it seems more quaint, somehow.

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