We were driving right behind this vehicle when the sign caught my attention. I didn’t know what to say so I pointed it out to my husband. He didn’t know what he was looking at in the beginning but when he realised it, he was amused.

apad signs keweseki

The humour comes in the use of letters. Replace the “e” with “a” and you have “Kawasaki” which is an international company in Japan specialising in motorcycle stuff.

Makes me wonder though if the sign was actually intended to be funny, or, this Keweseki company actually exists and piggy-backing on the popular brand name by replacing some letters to avoid being slapped with a lawsuit?

I hope it is just the former. I can’t wait to find some “SUNY” appliances, “TAYATO”, “Metzubeshe”, “Yemehe” or “Sazaki” vehicles running around town and photographed them! Lol.

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  1. Great shot.

  2. Interesting photo and text- I think it’d be an imitation company.

  3. I like these translations into English that sort of make sense, but still leave you scratching your head!

  4. Funny sign. Perhaps the author couldn’t spell. Odd to see a bike rider being taken for a ride in a trailer.

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