APAD 069: Wall art

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This is what became of our garage wall after my husband’s English Club students painted it as the background of their play.

apad wall art

This fireplace is the central setting for the play, The Monkey’s Paw, a classic short (horror) story by W.W. Jacobs. The Monkey’s Paw is a supernatural tale of a family who discovers the hidden realities of wish fulfillment (Source). The quote “Be careful what you wish for” comes to my mind after reading this story.

Monday Mellow Yellows

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  1. How clever to use a garage wall as a backdrop for a play! Very creative! The colours would look stunning behind the performers!

  2. It’s surely a perfect back ground for the play 🙂

  3. I like this!!!! The play was a horror story? Not heard of the title.

    Come view my post if you find time today: They Call ME Mellow Yellow

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