It’s the peak of the tourist season here in Cambodia and one can see signs of them everywhere. I ventured out three weeks ago to meet up with my newly-wed brother and his blushing wife at the Bopha-Titanic restaurant on the banks of the river. As expected, the place was packed with foreign and local tourists but we were able to find a table right by the deck/terrace overlooking this fantastic view:

apad riverside at night

These are some of the boats that dock in Phnom Penh for the night. They carry passengers to and from Siem Reap.

I can understand why this restaurant is teeming with diners especially at night. From where we were, we enjoyed this sweeping riverside view and the food was fantastic. Well, almost. Our pleasant experience that night was ruined by the food server’s nasty attitude when we told him he gave us the wrong food.

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  1. I love the look of the lights on the water. 🙂

    • I love them, too. They’re like jewels of different colours on the water. Thank you for the visit!

  2. Looks lovely! Sorry the server was so bad though. Yeah, the tourist season is in high swing here in Thailand too, with the worst bit being the huge increase in traffic. Should die down soon enough though, at least here. I love the background on your blog!

    P.S. If I can suggest, you might want to make your CAPTCHA more obvious (on my screen, if I tilt my laptop just so, I can’t even see the box to enter the number). I just tried to submit my comment and didn’t notice the CAPTCHA and it took me to a page that said to fill out the CAPTCHA, and when I clicked Back, I had lost my comment and had to rewrite it.

    • Hi Jade. Tourist season or not, everyday we experience huge traffic jams in the capital. Thank you, the background is actually a photo of one of old temples, or what’s left of it, that’s found inside the Angkor Wat complex.

      I am sorry about the CAPTCHA size. I am deluged with spams every single day so I decided to install it. And there is no way for me to re-size it as it’s automatic. I wonder if you try viewing it on computer with a bigger computer screen? I have the same issue with my netbook but when viewed on my desktop PC, the CAPTCHA is working alright.

  3. Cambodia is one of the places I’d love to visit…

    Sorry that the server was not a bit more pleasant. Bad service can really put a damper on an otherwise pleasant evening.

    Thanks so much for linking up with us on Communal Global. 🙂

    • Thank you for your visit and warm welcome.
      Things are always a hit and a miss when it comes to customer service here.
      I hope you can come and visit Cambodia one day and hopefully the customer service has improved by then 🙂

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