The numbers of motorcycle in Phnom Penh alone is pegged at about half a million {source: me, bwahahhaha}. Can you imagine the scene during the rush hour?

apad signs moto wash

And with such number, the demand for moto wash is huge therefore a lot of locals are cashing in on the demand. You can see signs like this – some hand-painted like you see in the pic, and others, digitally-printed – everywhere. A car wash business is a very simple and easy business that can be set up at home with very little effort and with equipment as basic as high-pressure water hose, soap, and plenty of rags/cloths.

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  1. Great post.

    • Thanks, Jim!

  2. moto-wash? but it’s so easy to wash a motorcycle–why pay?:p i pay for car wash because of the vacuum and waxing.

    • Luna, cheap lang din naman kasi e, hihihi.

  3. There will always be someone willing to pay to have someone else do the work!

    • You are right, Lesley!

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