As you may already know, we again went on a road trip over the past weekend. I love embarking on road trips because I, and my husband, enjoy a change of “view” from time to time. We are still very much keen to see rural landscapes and lifestyles despite living here for several years now.

Here’s one of my favourite sights, hand-painted signs. Very rustic and retro in style. Can you guess what the sign is for?

apad 086 signs roadside barber shop

One of the many roadside signs we saw during the road trip.

A barber shop, of course. Or more appropriately, a  barber shack 🙂

The flag to the left of the sign is in half-mast as this photo was taken on the second day of the King-Father’s funeral ceremony.


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  1. Pretty nice sign for a barber ‘shack.’ 🙂

  2. oh wow, never seen a “barber shack” before! interesting!

  3. Interesting sign because it seems to depict a movie style scene! I am surprised at the advertised colour and tie style with a shack!

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