I don’t exactly know what it means in English but this particular wat attracts numerous local and foreign tourists because its architectural style is based on that of the Angkor Wat. It is constructed using a mix of cement and cement between 1996 to 1998 to a whopping amount of — wait for it – about one million dollars. WHEW!

apad 092 prasat vihear sour

Prasat Vihear Sour does look like Angkor Wat, isn’t it? Which is why it has earned the nickname “the new Angkor Wat”.

The money used is said to have been raised from local and foreign sources.

We went there during the Chinese New Year and it was located inside a sprawling compound with lots of trees and shade. There are also other new but smaller structures, still bearing the same architectural style. It has also an amazing archway decorated with giant-faces just like the faces that are found in the temples of Bayon.

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  1. Hello,

    I was wondering how did you get here? And what was the cost?

    This place looks amazing and I’m currently in Phnom Penh and really hoping that I’ll be able to make it over to this temple.

    Thanks fro any help you can provide,


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