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APAD 102: Go In… or not?

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I’m late! I’m late! Yet again. And I missed two consecutive weeks of Signs, if I am not mistaken.

No, I’m still here in Cambodia. No, I did not fall in a manhole (or sink hole, knock on wood). I’m just feeling a bit tired and cranky these days. The summer heat is just getting to me and all I want is creep back to my bed and turn the aircon machine on.

Anyhoot, here is my entry.

apad 102 go in hotel phnom penh

Go In Hotel. How straight-forward is that? Lol.

I found this hotel sign when my husband and I got lost looking for the plastic chairs shop along Kampuchea Krom area. I had a giggle at the sign. It’s uniquely Khmer, hahaha.

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