In one of my previous projects in Krong Kep, we visited a Buddhist wat that sits on top of a hill in Ou Krasang commune. Due to its central location and good facilities, it was selected as one of the village hubs for a rural ICT-project that I was involved with in 2006-2008.

When we visited the area, it was the height of the rainy season. The team braved the monsoon rains and muddy roads – and this lofty stairs – to inspect and evaluate the facilities.

Stairway to... nirvana? Uhm, no, not yet.

Stairway to… nirvana? Uhm, no, not yet.

In case you are curious, the view from above is magnificent! Despite the rain, we saw green ricefields in contrast with the red, red soil as far as the eyes can see. The landscape is punctuated by palm trees, the national tree of Cambodia. Will try to find a photo of the rural Cambodian landscape from my archived files and post here in the future.

Monday Mellow Yellows

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  1. That is a stunning stairway!

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