Celebrating Valentine’s Day in this lovely, wooden traditional Khmer house. It is stilted, as most Khmer houses in the countryside are, but the ground floor was walled in. It is old and basic but has a lot of character that my husband and I feel is a nice home.

Valentine's Day Full Moon

Attempting to capture the beauty of the full moon on Valentine’s night.

We just moved in last month and we are really loving the place. It has a nice yard teeming with fruit trees – mangoes in various varieties that are now bearing fruits this season, bananas, jackfruits, longgan and a slew of fragrant Cambodian herbs. The yard also provides a nice playground for our two dogs.

At night, when the moon is full like last Friday, the front wall of the house provided a backdrop for a shadow play of sorts. There was a light breeze and the moonlight was lovely. As the gentle breeze blew, the branches of the trees swayed gracefully and, as you can see, they cast a lace-like pattern on the wall. And look, there’s our Joe sitting contentedly, watching me take this picture.

When you only have a point-and-shoot camera, it is quite challenging to capture night shots. However, I’m happy about this one.

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  1. Ang laki ng balay mo, seester! Naka reserve na ba ang room ko dyan?


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