Seen at the market, today, are these trey ros, snakehead fish, swimming in a metal tub. The ubiquitous snakehead fish come from the fresh waters of Cambodia, while others are possibly farmed, and are available in every market all over the country.

Snakehead fish is a favourite in Cambodia. They are salted and dried (trei ngeat) or made into mouth-watering fish sour soup (samlor ma’chou). But for me they are best eaten grilled with rice and green mango salad.


The Jenny Evolution

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  1. I know similar snakeheads from Laos, very tasty.

    • Yes, they are indeed. Most of the snakeheads come from the Mekong river that flows through six countries, including Cambodia and Laos.

  2. Wow, those are really interesting! And grilled with rice and mango salad sounds really yummy. We’re raising funds right now, but once we’ve met our goal my husband and daughter and I will be moving to SE Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, or Myanmar most likely) for at least a year. I’m super excited, and THRILLED that I found your blog! (Joining you from The Jenny Evolution.)

    • Suosdei, Alena!
      Many thanks for your message. I’m happy to know that you like my blog. Good luck on the big move, hopefully it will be soon!

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