Every school day, my husband tasked me to take care of his students, 9-11 year olds, who wait for their parents to pick them up after their class. So what I did to prevent them from getting bored (and noisy) is to engage them in a variety of activities. My craftroom now doubles as a playroom for these kids. There, we have two desktop computers for those who like to play games or use the Internet. But for some who don’t, I introduced them to crafting…

Last week, was making simple cards.
I made a sample for them to see, lent them my paper punchers and coloured pens, and leave them to develop/make their own. And this is one of the finished cards.

A simple card made by my husband's student.

A simple card made by my husband’s student.

My favourite was this one – I love how simple and yet visually pleasing it is to the eyes.
I do wonder though if arts and crafts is part of the Khmer educational curriculum.

Monday Mellow Yellows

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  1. Somehow i think this lovely card was made by a happy child.

  2. good one

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