Just had to post this amusing photo of my puppy, Red, before I go to bed.

Superdog is fast asleep - tired from saving the world.

Superdog is fast asleep – tired from saving the world.

Isn’t he cute? He does have a knack for weird sleeping positions. And this is the most common – lying with his belly upwards, fast asleep. One time, after a trip to the EntirelyPets Pharmacy for his prescribed meds and vitamins, we were greeted by this sight (above). This position must be very comfortable to him. Sometimes, he sleeps like this under my chair. On his favourite chair. On his “bed” with his favourite toys. And look how charming he is with one of this incisor teeth showing. It never fails to amuse me whenever I see him enjoying la-la-land like this.

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  1. *Oh My; He sure is cute and knows the way how he shouid sleep???
    I DO hope you can visit Japan again:-)?

    Sending Lots of Love and Hugs from Japan, xoxo Miyako

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