Monday Mellow Yellows: Knick-knacks at the counter

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Hello and Happy New Year.

It took me awhile to go back to blogging. I wanted a looooong holiday before beginning another year of photos. I spent a long time re-organising my craft room-cum-home office. I re-arranged the furniture and brought in the secondhand table with drawers (it’s massive) and cabinet organizers where my stuff will finally be organised and kept. My vintage sewing machine is still here, hopefully, it won’t be gathering dust this year as I plan on cranking in some simple sewing work. I also have calligraphy tools which were sent (presents) from my baby sister. It is my goal that I’d be good at calligraphy and, perhaps, get commissioned to do some calligraphy works this year 🙂

After huffing and puffing from all the lifting furniture and dusting and re-organising, my husband treated me to a burger meal. Where else but, of course, at our favourite burger joint in town.

The counter, from where I'm sitting.

The counter, from where I’m sitting. Lots of yellow knick-knacks displayed there.

This is Mike’s Burger House in Camko City. This is the second branch and still the best place to find American-style fast-food burgers in Phnom Penh.

Monday Mellow Yellows

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  1. A bright and colourful and cheery dining area.

  2. That’s very interesting.

  3. Lovely bits of yellow there! Nice photo!

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