Found something odd – my guess is that this is a beehive-shaped room fronting a coffee shop. Through the glass door that you see on the right side, I could see that it is air-conditioned and a plush half moon-shaped sofa. Must be a special room for Bee-IPs, hah.

I’m not Bee-IP enough to be in this room, methinks.

But take note, there is an electric fan to the left, partially hidden from view.

Monday Mellow Yellows

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  1. I am smiling all through this post. And I smiled also with the way you spell VIP-but we have the same meaning I guess. With your style of writing i felt like you are also someone from my country, so i went to the about section, but your name suggests not. Or maybe you’re a Pinay who has that Som pseudoname. Anyway, i love your posts. I’ve been to Cambodia once, Pnomh Penh and Siem Reap.

  2. How fun is that! Maybe it’s a hide-away for a quick cup of coffee.

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